Listen to nature's voice -- it contains treasures for you.                       

--- Huron Saying

These photos are the work of Dick Hoeft and Rosanne Arnowitz. With few exceptions, we focus our cameras on where we live.  

Many things we take for granted have wonderful things to show us if we take the time to see them. The graceful leanings of a flower, the play of light and shadows, the incredible structure of a dandelion, moving patterns of clouds, all engage us.

The interplay of insects on plants, colors of a sunsetand the color gradations of a flower petal enliven the senses. Patterns can be seen wherever we look -- even the smallest of flowers have beautifully complex structures.

Once you start really seeing your environment you begin appreciating the incredible beauty of things both large and small that surround you.  As appreciation of the environment grows a certain peace and contentment claims you.

We strive to capture this with our photos. With a focus on nature you find wherever you are is an incredible place to be.

We hope our photos will entice you to enter and enjoy nature's amazing world. It surely holds treasures for us all.

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-- Dick and Rosanne

Often times, the camera lens will capture details you could not see with your naked eye.   Who knew fruit flies had such big orange eyes!

Fruitfly on Orchid 11/7/2013
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